Patch Reef District's Pivotal Park

The District's purchase and development of Patch Reef launched a new era for Boca Raton parks – and the District itself.

New Outlook For Life

New Gumbo Limbo tower, which opened in mid-June, offers stunning look at Boca Raton from Jacob's Outlook observation deck.

Gilbert a Presence at Jacob's Outlook Opening

Former Commissioner Gordon Gilbert couldn't physically attend the opening of Jacob's Outlook, but he still found a way to enjoy the ceremony.

The Bark That Binds

More than simply a place for dogs to play, Mizner Bark provided setting where dozens of Boca Raton retirees formed lasting friendships.

Sugar Sand Worth The Effort

District Commissioners overcame ecological and financial hurdles to create one of South Florida's great public parks.

'The Carousel Lady' Rides Again

Elaine Kleinman explains why bringing a carousel to Sugar Sand Park became her passion and reflects on her three decades as the lone female District Commissioner.  

District Ready To Celebrate 50 Great Years

The Boca Raton community is invited to an April 21 event at Sugar Sand Park celebrating the District's Golden Anniversary.  

Championship Dreams at Patch Reef

Keiser University's tennis teams went undefeated in their Patch Reef Park home this season. Now both the men's and women's squads focus on winning the NAIA national championship.

Preserving Green Space Now Part of District's Mission

Less than a decade after the District's creation, Commissioners accepted a greater mission and began preserving green space while creating some of Florida's best parks.

Celebrate With Us As The District Turns 50!

Fifty years ago an act of the Florida legislature created the District. Now, as the District celebrates its golden anniversary, the Boca Raton community is invited to join in the fun.

Ensuring Life's A Beach In Boca

Each month, as part of the District's 50th Anniversary Celebration, the newsletter is highlighting a different stand-out accomplishment that helped make Boca Raton the fantastic city it is today. In 1974 the District came into existence to help preserve beachfront property for community use. For 50 years, beach preservation remained a priority.

Madlane Behind The Scenes

Each month of the District's 50th Anniversary celebration we'll highlight some of the people and events that helped make the District what it is today. With that in mind, meet. Madlane Bentivegna. The District's first employee, she worked for more than three decades and still brings her grandchildren to enjoy the parks she helped facilitate.

Futsal Providing Boca Raton's Latest Kick

As futsal grows in popularity, Sugar Sand Park becomes the sport's Boca Raton home.

Securing The Fun At Boca Raton Parks

District Commissioners take steps to ensure visitor safety accompanies park visits.

Commissioners' Corner: Best Part of the Job

District Commissioners hold many responsibilities, including creating parks and ensuring they continue to be great. What's the best part about being a Greater Boca Raton Beach & Park District Commissioner? Their answers are here.

District Dispatch Newsletter - January 2024

A prominent month for pickleball at Patch Reef Park, an arctic blast at Sugar Sand Park, extended hours for the Carousel and more in the January 2024 District Dispatch newsletter.

Packing Patch Reef With Pickleball

The Boca Raton Masters pickleball tournament opened serve on Wednesday morning at Patch Reef Park - part of a big month for pickleball in Boca Raton.

Arctic Blast Coming To Sugar Sand

Winter will get a little chillier when the Under the Arctic: Digging in Permafrost exhibit comes to the Sugar Sand Park Science Explorium.

Commissioners' Corner: Goals for 2024

January is traditionally a month where people examine their lives and consider changes and improvements they'd like to make. With that in mind, we posed a simple question to each commissioner: What are your goals for 2024?

The 2023 Holiday Edition of the District Dispatch Newsletter Is Here!

December concludes a year of major accomplishments within the District. The holiday edition of our newsletter highlights many of those actions. There's also news about a record-breaking season for the Boca Braves youth football team, a pickleball update, and a listing of upcoming holiday events. 

2023: A Year Of Growth And Preservation

From opening a new park to expanding athletic choices, 2023 proved to be prolific year for the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District. Here's a list highlighting the major accomplishments.

Boca Braves Boast Best Season Ever

Boca Braves youth football teams win Super Bowls, nearly claim national titles in league's best season ever. 

Commissioners' Corner: Favorite Gift Received

In celebration of the holiday season, this week's Commissioners Corner' answers the question: What is the best gift you have ever received?

The District's November 2023 Newsletter Is Here!

Inclusive playground approved, holiday fun in full swing and Coco Gauff's commercial at Patch Reef in this month's newsletter.

Designed For Unlimited Fun

Design for Patch Reef Park's inclusive playground, inspired by the plight of a Boca Raton boy, approved by District Commissioners. 

Holiday Happenings from Spooky to Jolly

Successful spooky events celebrating Halloween give way to a plethora of upcoming holiday events at Boca Raton parks.

COMMISSIONER'S CORNER: Biggest Accomplishment

The five District Commissioners detail their favorite District accomplishments during their tenure on the board.

Pumpkin Painting at Patch Reef

Dozens of families spent part of their Friday evening at Patch Reef Park on Friday turning pumpkins into works of art during a YMCA of Boca Raton event.

JACOB'S OUTLOOK: Boca's Best View

Gift from the Kosowsky family and friends will pay tribute to their son by bringing Boca Raton's best view back to the Gumbo Limbo center.

Pickleball Projects Powering Forward

Work is already underway to create additional pickleball courts at Patch Reef Park; Boca Paddle to create pickleball-centric facility at North Park.